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New Orleans Night Rides

Night Rides
Currently Unavailable 

$25.00 per person

Groups of 10 or more

we provide the bikes, lights

and blue tooth boom boxes

Your group is the party!

To schedule a party ride

Call 504-533-9688


Girls or Boys night out, Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers,

Birthdays, Family Reunions and People looking for Fun!

The Ride

Light up New Orleans with our super comfortable, blinged out cruiser bikes!   Don't just see the party!  Be the party!  you create a one of a kind social ride that makes you part of the NOLA nightlife.  As you ride to the music, your bikes sparkle and light up the city.  Parade through famous streets on our custom, light up cruiser bikes with hand brakes, huge comfy seats, fat tires, and a basket.   

Where do we Start:  at our Shop 214 Magazine St 1.5 Blocks from the French Quarter and Canal St

Where can we ride

Thats up to you!

We recommend the French Quarter and water front

as well as the Marigny 

Who can Ride?

Anyone at least 4'10" tall and able to ride a bike.

Can Single Riders Book?

No, this is a private party experience

 groups of 10 or more are welcome. 

How many People on a Ride

From 10 to 30+ people

CALL 504-533-9688 or Email to inquire

Can We Take Pictures

Yes, take'm/share'm!  We want everyone to see what a

great time you're having!

Can I Drink Alcohol on this Ride? 

it is not illegal to drink on a bicycle in Louisiana.  It is

illegal to ride while intoxicated.  Your safety is very important to us, so we insist that no one drink to the point

of intoxication.  You know your limits so please exercise restraint and show up sober with food in your stomach.

Anyone showing up intoxicated will not be allowed to

ride and no refund will be given.

Food and Drink?

Each rider gets a bottle of water.  No food or drinks

included. There will be stops  where snacks and drinks are available for purchase.


We Provide 1 or 2 40 Watt speakers depending on group size.

these boxes will sync to 1 phone in the group so you can play your favorite music throughout the ride!

Place & Time

We start and end at 214 Magazine St. please arrive

at least 15 minutes before your desired ride start time

so we can get you set up on the bikes and sync the phone to the music speakers

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