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Leanne's Local 9th Ward Tour History and Hurricane Katrina Tour

Tour through the 9th ward from the downtown to where my Triple G grandpa settled in the early 1800's to my house and Fats Domino's home

These historic neighborhoods date back to the 1700's to present day where the neighborhood is only about 40% back from the catastrophic flooding during Hurricane Katrina

We will go to where the levee breached and the Make-it-Right neighborhood and get a po-boy at the only local shop in the area, Burnell's grocery. Check out Leona Tate's museum the Living 9th ward museum and hear stories about the storm and rebuilding from the locals that survived and we're able to rebuild and start again. We'll have a beer on my porch and I'll tell you my family's story and how we were able to return to our city, our personal obstacles and perspectives about why and how the levees broke.


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