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Jaime "New Orleans Culturalist" Specialty Private Tours 

Jaime is a generations deep South Louisiana native with "country" roots in the 18th and 19th century Cajun and Isleno communities along Bayou Lafourche, and "city" roots in the multi-cultural, 19th and 20th century Marigny neighborhood, and the 20th century Westbank neighborhoods of Algiers and Gretna. A "locals local", Jaimeeats, sleeps and oozes New Orleans culture. He loves it all: the history, the architecture and streetscapes, the food, the music, which he will tell you is the "true modern Jazz" (Just ask him.). A favorite Jaime-ism goes as follows: One's culture cannot be protected by regulations or laws....the only way to protect one's culture is to live it every day. In New Orleans, we sustain and advance our fun and unique culture by living it every day!  

An avid e-biker, it's possible he has biked down every street in our swampy bourg...or at least every street that matters. If you are looking for a specialized or custom tour, you could do a whole lot worse than asking for Jaime.  Laissez le bon temps rouler, cher! 


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